cole wilson
GitHub Student Developer Pack

This article is in no way sponsored by GitHub or any other company. All of the opinions voiced are the author’s own.


The GitHub Student Developer Pack is a little known feature of GitHub that allows student developers access to lots of free goodies. They are completely and totally free, from kindergarten to undergraduate, no credit card required. Now, you may be thinking: “isn’t this to good to be true?” I thought that also, but in my experience the main reason these companies are offering up their services is to hope you continue using them after the time is up, or after you graduate. Some of the services are okay, and some are amzing.

How To Get It

  1. In order to recieve the benefits, you must first have a GitHub account. If you don’t have one already, create one here.
  2. After that, go to https://education.github.come/pack and provide proof you are a student. I used a school email, and that worked perfectly.
  3. Next, go to https://education.github.come/pack/offers and look at all the great services.

Service Recomendations

By proving you are a student you have access to man services for free. Some of them are for as long as you are a student, some are year long trials. Among these is GitHub Pro, which lets you have unlimited private repos, and a nice badge for your profile. Also, Repl.It <- WARNING: Affiliate Link has a free “Hacker Plan” subscription.