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cole wilson


I am a student developer in the US. My main skills are Python, Full stack Web Development (mainly PHP/JavaScript), Linux administration, and developing CLI applications. You can see some of my projects over at /projects/. I occasionally post tutorials/suggestions/ideas/random thoughts over at /posts/.

I am fairly busy with school, but if you need to contact me, or if you have a project idea, head over to /contact/. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.


My estimation of various development skills I have is displayed below:

Python:    [===================>] (I have used Python extensively since 3rd grade)
PHP:       [==============>     ] (As a web app backend)
Linux:     [=================>  ] (Especially Raspberry Pi)
HTML/CSS:  [=================>  ]
JavaScript:[==========>         ] (Browser/Front End, not Node)
SQL:       [=========>          ] (Early learning stages)
Bash:      [===============>    ] (I know enough to get by fairly ok)